More than just landscaping


With more than 20 years experience under the belt the management team at Capescapes will ensure your Landscape’s transition from Concept to Paper to a Living Testimony will be a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Be it a postage stamp garden to a 20 000m² commercial development our Team will be there to guide you every step of the way.



A Landscape design will go through many concept designs before the final layout and detailed planting plans are complete and ready for installation. This process is important for the client and designer to understand each other’s requirements. This concept plan for the University of the Western Cape’s Life Sciences Building, was designed by Penny Moir of OVP Associates.


Let's see how the story unfolds.


On this commercial site a Civils contractor was responsible for the levelling of the area before all landscape works commenced. This provided the platform for the landscape to take shape.



From the scaled drawing the planting beds and hard landscape areas are identified and marked out. In this instance the earthworks involved creating high and low areas. The soil from the excavation of the pond area was used to create the mounds.



A sketch plan need not be to scale but together with the cross-section it creates a better picture of how the Landscape will unfold.



With the earthworks complete and trees in position the landscape starts to take on a whole new dimension. The use of extra large rocks and large trees creates proportion/scale between the landscape and the building.



All the landscape elements are implemented and complete. All that is required now is time, time for the Landscape to mature to its full glory.



As you can see in this picture just 10 months after completion, it does not take a lifetime to create a Landscape to enjoy.